French Bulldog Tear Stains – Learn More About Your Pet

french bulldog tear stains

Tears stains are not only a cosmetic issue for dogs, but they are also a health issue. So how do you get rid of French bulldog tear stains? 

Dogs with shortened snouts are more prone to this condition than other dogs. It can not be more true when it comes to French bulldogs. It would be best if you paid careful attention to their eyes.

Owing to their uniquely shaped eye sockets, French bulldogs are more prone to eye issues. Owing to its brachycephalic skulls, these furry fellows need more tears to keep their eyes moist. That will also prevent dryness in the eye.

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French Bulldog Tear Stains – What Causes Them?

best tear stain remover for french bulldogs



French bulldogs have a very susceptible digestive system. Therefore, food with artificially made ingredients, products, and any type of grain must be avoided at all costs. 

Apart from the inflamed skin around the eyes and watery eyes, sneezing is one of the allergy symptoms. However, if you are a new French bulldog parent, it can take a few trials before you find the perfect food for your canine.

Finding the right food is vital for French bulldog tears and your dog’s overall health. You can inform yourself on the BARF diet for French bulldogs for a better idea of what to feed your dog.



Tear stains can be caused due to the inability to drain tears properly. Excessive tearing is known as epiphora. It occurs because of an allergen or a blocked tear duct.

Epiphora is usually caused by eye injuries, conjunctivitis, and irregular eyelashes. They are also caused by the imbalance of chemicals, entropion, or ectropion.  



Porphyrin is a chemical that can cause discoloration under the French bulldog’s eyes and around its mouth. This chemical is present in the dog’s blood, and there are many types of porphyrin.

That is not an alarming issue. However, they are signs of underlying allergy. Hence, it is essential to prevent the development of stains because of porphyrin.


Shallow Eye Socket

It is a factor you can not control. Since French Bulldogs have giant eyeballs and small eyelids, they are unable to close their eyes completely. It can lead to dry eyes, irritation, discomfort, and tear stains.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, French bulldog tears can be caused by several other reasons. These include excessive hair on the face, allergy to pollen, dust, smog, fungi, virus, and chronic infections. 

Whatever the reason, with the right tear stain remover for French bulldog, you can remove them off with a few steps.

How to Remove the Tear Stains?

tear stain remover french bulldog


The most solid way to get rid of tear stains is by preventing them. It would be best if you cleaned their face daily with a warm and wet cloth. Or, you can use your best tear stain remover for French bulldogs.

You must never forget to dry the hair and skin around the eyes thoroughly after cleaning their face. That will prevent bacterial or fungal infections that the moisture left behind can potentially cause.

Here’s how to get rid of Frenchie tear stains:

  • You can pick either a clean, damp, and soft piece of cloth or doggy face wipes from the pet store.
  • Wipe down from the eyes while being careful not to wipe your dog’s eyes.
  • You can use a French bulldog tear stains desitin to remove the remaining tear stains or use warm water and mild dog soap.
  • With a clean, soft, and dry piece of cloth, wipe your dog’s face. Wipe thoroughly between the folds until it is perfectly dry with no moisture. Or, you can use the best dog wipes for French bulldogs.

Final Thoughts

Since animals can’t wash their face often like us, humans, we need to ensure our pets get the best care they deserve. Hoping this article helps you explore more about French bulldog tear stains and how to get rid of them.


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