French Bulldog Licking Paws – How to Stop It?

Isn’t it such an adorable sight to see your French Bulldog licking paws? Do you often wonder why those little Frenchies do that?

Canines licking their paw is a normal activity; however, there must be something wrong if they are doing it excessively. Also, indeed, most cases do not have any alarming issues. 

Nonetheless, you can never be too careful when it comes to your children with paws. So, make sure to analyze if there are any underlying health problems.

Bulldogs, including French bulldogs, seem to have this problem more than other breeds. This article will take you through all the different reasons and repercussions of French Bulldog licking paws. 

Why is my French Bulldog biting his feet?

French Bulldog licking feet is a pretty common sight. However, persistent Frenchie paw licking can lead to rashes, redness, and skin irritation. This could mean your pet is already uncomfortable.


The licking may have started because of boredom which would have become a habit. They find it relaxing and sometimes satisfying.

Separation Anxiety

In addition to boredom, separation anxiety can also make your dog lick its paws. So, if you leave your dog for too long, more chances are that it might be licking its paw.

Cleaning Itself

french bulldog always licking paws


Additionally, canines regularly lick their paws, legs, and tail to remove dust and debris. It is a healthy behavior which means your dog wants to be clean. It is their version of self-grooming.

Cleaning a Wound

If there is a wound on your dog’s paw, it is not only normal but also better for them to lick. This will help the wound heal sooner. Scrutinize the feet to see if there are any thorns, puncture wounds, or broken toenails.

Yeast Infection

If the yeast becomes overabundant in the paws, it can cause an itchy foot. This can even spread to the skin, eyes, and ears.

This can lead to waxy skin and brown discharge in the eyes and ears. You can easily understand the problem if it is caused by yeast. This is so because the feet will sink into the yeast.


One of the common reasons behind your French Bulldog always licking paws. These kinds of allergic reactions have numerous causes. It could also be a secondary skin infection.

Sometimes, certain ingredients in their food can cause this allergy. It is also possible that they stepped on something that their skin is allergic to.

Environmental allergens can also be a factor, including pollen, chemicals, pollution, dust, and mites. Most times, your dog is trying to remove something very irritable.

Hormonal Imbalance

Frenchie paw licking can also be due to hormonal imbalance, which means enough thyroid is not being produced in your dog’s body. 

Also, sometimes it causes them to make excessive cortisol. This problem is more common in dew claw French bulldog.


Arthritis can be one of the reasons for your French Bulldog licking paws. If your dog is old or if the dog is in any way weak or sickly, this could be the reason. 

The pain and discomfort caused encourage your dog to chew and lick its paws and feet persistently.


how to stop french bulldog licking paws


Pets are vulnerable to the things that are present on whatever they walk on since they walk barefoot. It can be salt or chemicals, and they can potentially cause irritation in your dog’s paws.

Pesticides and fertilizers can cause allergy and irritation if they frequent the lawn. Also, hot or cold pavements can add to the problem. 

If the pavement is too hot, they can burn their footpads can burn. Also, if they are too cold can affect the footpads.

Insect Bites

Apart from making your dog anxious and nervous, insect bites can also start excessive paw licking in your dogs. Look for red or swollen spots to make sure an insect has bitten them and it is not a health issue.

How to Stop French Bulldog Licking Paws?

You can stop your French Bulldogs from licking their paws. It depends on what caused it and finding a way to cure it. However, following the subsequent processes can help you in stopping your dog’s excessive fur licking behavior.

Feed Nutrient Rich Food

Always make sure your Frenchie is getting nutrient-rich food. The food you give must have all the necessary nutrients the dog needs. Also, the food should be free of ingredients your dog is allergic to.

Maintain Hygiene

Clean your French Bulldog’s feet every time it comes back home from outside. You can dip your dog’s feet in peroxide-water solution twice a week to prevent fungal infection. 

Dry your Bulldog’s paws thoroughly after dipping, cleaning, and bathing. You can also use pet wipes for quick and neat cleaning of their feet now and then.

Check for Fleas and Ticks

why is my french bulldog biting his feet


Your dog may have ticks and fleas, and this might be the culprit you have been looking for. Hence, check your Frenchie’s paws for fleas or ticks frequently. 

Also, there might be mites on their paws. Mites are microscopic creatures that require help from a veterinarian to be removed. You can give your dog spot-on or tropical treatments for parasites like these.

Use Dog Socks

Dog socks to stop licking paws can be your last resort. You have to apply an anti-itch ointment approved by a veterinarian on their footpads. Slip the socks at a time socks onto your Frenchie’s feet. Ensure the ointment is not wiped away by the socks during the process.

Keep the socks on their feet for about three hours. If they are not very comfortable, you can remove them sooner.

If your dog does not show any signs of slowing down licking its paws, you need to act immediately. Take your furry friend to the veterinarian and let them guide you with better insights.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Remember that French Bulldog licking paws excessively is more often than not curable. However, it is a sign that your Frenchie is in distress or has a disease that requires immediate attention. 

French Bulldogs are more sensitive to these kinds of issues. Hence, you always need to pay close attention to your dog and its health.

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