French Bulldog Hives

Your Frenchie might be prone to a wide variety of skin issues. One of these might be French bulldog hives.

Hives are red, itchy, and swollen bumps on your Frenchie’s skin. Hives are also called urticaria.

 Usually, hives are a result of an allergic reaction. That might be environmental or food-related.

Along with contact with allergens, there are various causes of hives. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the symptoms, causes, and protective measures for hives.

What Are The Symptoms?

The symptoms being mild or severe, vary from dog to dog. You can identify French bulldog hives with various symptoms. The most common is coin-sized bumps on the face, hips, and other body parts.

For severe cases, the symptoms might be large areas with redness and swelling and breathing difficulties. Areas around the muzzle and eyes can also become heavily swollen. A loss of coordination is also a major symptom.

Some of the smaller symptoms include lethargy, itchiness, and excessive drooling.  

What Are The Causes?

allergic reaction french bulldog hives


Hives or urticaria have a variety of causes. Most of these go beyond your control and are circumstantial. You must know about these causes to prevent the problem from worsening.

Let’s discuss how hives form. 

Environmental Allergens

Sometimes coming in contact with an allergen present in your Frenchie’s surroundings might trigger this kind of reaction. These allergens might be inhaled or contacted directly via their skin.

Some of the most common inhaled allergens are pollen, mold, and cigarette smoke. Coming in contact with plants like poison ivy or insecticide in a garden is a potential cause of hives. Certain perfumes, grooming sprays, or cleaning products might also cause hives.

Food Allergen

If your Frenchie has a food allergy, an allergic reaction might result in French bulldog hives. These allergens are easier to identify as compared to environmental allergens.

It is recommended that you either try the elimination technique to figure out the allergen or give your Frenchie home-cooked meals. In the elimination technique, you eliminate a particular food item from their diet and observe the reaction or lack of a reaction they might have. 

Insect Bites

Certain insects cause various skin issues, one of which is hives. Fleas and bees sting commonly and cause hives.

While bee stings might seldom be, regular flea infestation leaves a significant risk of hives. Fleas often cause a lot of skin issues, such as itching, rashes, and hives. In case your Frenchie is allergic to fleas, the reaction might be more severe and dangerous.

Reaction To Vaccinations

In some rare cases, your Frenchie might develop hives post their vaccination. Hives can be a side effect of vaccines for dogs, just like fever and fatigue is for humans.

If you notice hives on your Frenchie the same day as the vaccination, you should inform your vet and follow their direction.

Precautions And Safety Measures

french bulldog skin bumps


In the case of hives, there are several different measures that you can take to protect your beloved pet. While these might not be 100% accurate all the time, they do significantly reduce the chances of your Frenchie developing hives.

Here are a few safety measures you can take.

Protection from Environmental Allergens

Monitoring the whereabouts of your Frenchie and knowing where all they’ve been might help you understand the allergen better. You can further narrow this search down by limiting the products you apply to their skin.

You should take your Frenchie to the vet and let them decide on the appropriate treatment.

Protection From Food Allergens

Sadly, dogs’ food allergies are common and don’t spare Frenchies. The easiest way of figuring out the allergen is by the elimination technique. Through this technique, you will be able to figure out what the allergen product is.

Home-cooked meals are another alternative, as they eliminate any unknown products that might be in your store-bought dog food.

Consult your vet for further guidance on treatment and medication.

Protection From Insect Bites

French bulldog skin bumps may be caused by insect bites such as bees or fleas. In these cases, using topical creams to soothe the redness and itchiness can be helpful.

If the problem is fleas, you must use a flea repellent or medication to stop further infestations and issues. In the case of a severe reaction, consult your vet.

Protection From Vaccinations

There isn’t much you can do for hives if they are related to vaccinations. They are a potential side effect of vaccines.

Consult your vet if you see hives on the same days as your Frenchie’s vaccinations.

Final Thoughts

Hives are relatively common in dogs, especially Frenchies. French bulldog hives have a wide variety of causes and precautions you can take.

In cases of allergies, which are the most common cause, separating them from the allergen is the best course of action.

It is strongly recommended that you consult your vet with all other cases.

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