French Bulldog Crying- How to Stop It?

French Bulldog Crying

Is your French bulldog crying all night? Are you wondering how to stop it? Why do Frenchies howl so much?

Dogs can cry, but their way of crying is very different from a human’s. When we say French bulldog crying, we mean they make noises such as moaning or howling, showing some sort of discomfort.

Some of the most common reasons for your bulldog crying could be that its stomach is upset or needs a potty break. It is also possible that your Frenchie just wants your attention.

 If you are sure that it is not any of the reasons mentioned above, it is highly likely that something is wrong. It could be a medical reason that might require surgery or a small home remedy.

In this article, let us explore why you should not ignore French bulldog crying. 

Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much?

why do french bulldogs cry so much


French Bulldogs are not the breed of dog that barks a lot. Nevertheless, finding a Frenchie screaming all the time is not that uncommon.

Your cute little Frenchie screaming can be very hard to see. However, you need to put your feelings aside and figure out why your French bulldog crying.

Behavioral Problem

So, if your dog howls and moans often, especially if it wants something, know that your dog is smart. This means your dog has understood that it could achieve its goal with a moan or a howl. This is truer in the case of a crying French bulldog puppy.

The more you encourage this, the more your French bulldog howling will increase. This can soon become or already has become a behavioral problem.

Separation Anxiety

French bulldog screaming can drastically increase and annoy the people in the house if your dog is missing somebody. If this happens too many times for too long, it can develop into a clinical condition. 

The clinical condition is called Dog Separation Anxiety. It is a health condition commonly found in house dogs where they are afraid of being left alone or missing someone who has gone out.

This can affect all dogs across breeds and ages. However, French bulldogs are more vulnerable to this since they are a companion breed.

Allergic Reactions

crying french bulldog puppy


French bulldog screaming can also be because of allergic reactions. Few weeks after adopting a Frenchie as your child is enough to know that they are at a higher risk for allergies.

It can be caused due to environmental factors such as pollen, dust, pollution, and dirt. In addition to causing redness, itching, rashes, they can cause extreme irritation. This can set your little Frenchie screaming all day.

Tears Only

French bulldogs, like any other canine, have well-developed tear ducts. If you find your dog tearing up and crying, it means that something is wrong with the dog. 

However, canines do not cry like humans for emotional reasons. It is always influenced by internal factors that regard physical health. The following could be the reason behind all the tears:

Eye Infections

why do frenchies howl


Eye infections are the most commonly found reason for a French bulldog to start tearing up. This can be confirmed by check or any abnormalities in your little Frenchie’s big eyes.

If you find any mucus in the eyes or a yellow layer beneath the eyes, it is highly possible that it is an eye infection. You can even check for bloodshot eyes to decide whether it is an eye infection or not.

Blocked Tear Ducts

One of the primary reasons among Frenchies to cause a teary eye is the blockage of tear ducts. This is a condition that is found in humans as well as canines. 

However, French bulldogs are more vulnerable to this since they have large eyes and small faces. It is a condition where tear ducts cannot drain properly. It leaves the Frenchie’s with watery eyes. 

How to prevent French bulldog crying?

Different problems require a different solution. Hence it is crucial to understand why exactly your Frenchie is crying. It could be anyone among the reasons that are mentioned above.

Solutions for Behavioral Problem

frenchie screaming


Firstly, you need to get to know the cause of it all. Are they doing it because they are stressed? Or, are they simply bored?

If they need attention every time, they howl it will make the problem worse. Hence, you need to stick to your guns and break their stubbornness.

Solution for Separation Anxiety

This solution takes a long time. You are supposed to teach your dog that it is not a big deal when someone goes away. You need to teach them commands such as sit, stay, and quiet.

For Allergic Reactions

Keep them away from allergens such as pollutants, dust, dirt, and pollen. Also, make sure their food does not contain any ingredient they are allergic to.

For Eye Infections

You can always use any veterinarian recommended eye drops to cure your Frenchie’s eye infections. However, it is always better to prevent them. It can be easily done so by washing your dog’s eyes and the area around the eyes with mild soap and warm water regularly.

Blocked Tear Ducts

Blocked tear ducts can be cleared with the help of tear stain removers. You can use any antibacterial tear stain remover after consulting your Vet. 

You can gently cross over the Frenchie’s eyes with a cotton ball with few drops of the liquid on it.  

Final Verdict

french bulldog screaming

If your furry Frenchie is giving you a hard time, you can always use these tips to find a solution. This can be prevented altogether if you give your dog the right balance of nutrition, sufficient playtime, and a lot of love!

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