Do French Bulldogs Smell?

Are you concerned about your French Bulldog lately? If you have one, the chances are that your friend has asked you, ‘Why does your French Bulldog smell so much?’ However, do not worry. This is no reason to stress over. 

It is extremely normal for French Bulldogs to smell; however, it is for a completely valid reason. This is what you will find out through the course of this blog. Therefore, if you are over-stressing and thinking that ‘my Frenchie stinks’ every three seconds, it’s time to do some research. 

What Are French Bulldogs?

A French Bulldog is essentially a domestic dog. The main and most important objective behind breeding them is their undying companionship and friendliness that they extend to everybody around them. 

This breed is born due to a cross between the Toy Bulldogs imported all the way from England, and the local ratters of Paris, France. People started breeding them in the 1800s. However, they are still pretty famous. 

French Bulldogs are known to be extremely friendly and well-mannered. They are almost always playful and have a tiny amount of temperament in them too. However, a common complaint that most owners have is about the French Bulldog odor. 

Do French Bulldogs Smell and What Is The Reason Behind That Smell?

why do french bulldogs stink


When it comes to smelly breeds, French Bulldogs surely aren’t one of them. Therefore, if your French Bulldog is smelly, it is not an inherent feature. The problem arises when you go ahead and take a look at their folds. 

These Bulldogs are a breed containing seamless facial folds, all of which keep overlapping with each other. Due to these folds, several things can get accumulated in the gaps between them. For instance, French Bulldogs can have dirt, food, dust, mud, etc., stuck between these folds. 

Therefore, if your French Bulldog has been smelly lately, chances are this is the topmost reason for the same. While French Bulldogs aren’t inherently smelly dogs, these facial folds must be where you should look in case of trouble. 

However, the dilemma of ‘Do Frenchies smell?’ is not entirely simple to crack. There could be several other reasons for that nasty smell too, and it is essential to know what is the cause behind the current one. 

For instance, they could smell so bad because of something they ate recently. This, too, is a reason that owners seldom give. If not that, then having a smaller coat could cause this smell too. A smaller coat means that the smell or odor resonates into the atmosphere more quickly. 

The last reason could be that your Bulldog hasn’t had a bath in quite a while. While it could be for any of these reasons, it is important to take care of the odor as soon as possible and ensure that your French Bulldogs’ face smells like roses. 

How To Drive Away The Smell?

Now that you know that the cause behind it lies in the facial folds, it is time to treat the same. Fixing this is not as tough as you might deem it to be. All you need to do is thoroughly clean their facial folds with water and cotton balls. Soak the balls in water and gently apply them to your Bulldog. This will ensure that your French Bulldogs smell no more. 

However, it is time to visit your nearest and most trusted vet if this doesn’t do your job. The chances are that your Bulldog has caught an infection, and the odor is a part of the symptoms. Don’t worry, though; most infections can be easily treated with the right methods. 

In case you also notice a lot of oil on their skin, know that this is a sign of caution. Other symptoms could include blisters, irritation, white discharge, etc. It is imperative to find out the cause of why your French Bulldog smells bad and treat it immediately. 

How Can You Prevent The Smell?

do french bulldogs smell bad


If you never want somebody to ask you again, ‘Why do French Bulldogs stink?’ here is your solution. Make sure to bathe them regularly. Furthermore, also ensure that you are picking the correct shampoo due to their sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. Doing so would ensure that they stay clean and healthy. 

Most shampoos also have antibacterial content, ensuring that your Frenchies’ smell is treated immediately. Go ahead and try it out for yourself!

Summing Up 

The conclusion is that there is no particular answer to ‘Do French Bulldogs smell?’ Yes, they do smell sometimes. It can even tend to get rather strong and unbearable if not treated correctly. However, they are far from a smelly breed of dogs, so there isn’t much to worry about. 

Therefore, if your friend asks you about your Frenchie’s smell, you can proudly shake your head and tell them no. It is extremely easy to take care of their smell, and they will be glowing and healthy in no time at all. Just do not forget to bathe them!

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