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Fawn French Bulldog And The Best Way To Keep Them Healthy

fawn french bulldog

Fawn French bulldogs are a type of French bulldog which are one of the most popular and loved breeds out there! They are a special breed that was the product of crossbreeding between English Toy bulldogs and French Ratters. The result was a playfully active breed that is full of personality and energy! French bulldogs […]

How Long Are French Bulldogs Pregnant? Getting To Know About Your Dog’s Gestation Period

how long are french bulldogs pregnant

Dealing with your French bulldog reproduction can be stressful. Most Frenchies can’t reproduce naturally since they’re crossbred. In some cases, Frenchies can get pregnant via artificial insemination and reproduce through natural breeding. But how long are French bulldogs pregnant? And what are the signs? French bulldogs are generally pregnant for a period of 56-64 days […]

How Long Do French Bulldogs Live? Understanding your pup’s health and lifespan

how long do french bulldogs live

Frenchies are a fantastic addition to any household and are one of the most sought-after breeds when it comes to adopting pets. Their squished faces and adorable little bodies make them a cute little companion for endless fun activities and shenanigans around the house! But how long do French bulldogs live? The average lifespan of […]

French Bulldog Sleeping Patterns: All You Need To Know About Your Pet’s Sleep!

French Bulldog Sleeping

It is no secret that French bulldogs are a very active and energetic breed! They love to play around with their owners, and there is no activity that they will shy away from! However, you need to know how much your Frenchie is sleeping. There is a difference between normal and heavy amounts of sleeping, […]

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive? A Discussion About Your Pup’s Mood Swings!

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive

Frenchies are one of the most playful breeds out there and are a great choice when you want a smart companion to make your home brighter. They love spending time with their owners and are considered to be one of the best breeds you can own! But are French bulldogs aggressive? That’s an important question, […]

How To Clean French Bulldog Wrinkles?

How To Clean French Bulldog Wrinkles?

French bulldogs are famous for their adorable wrinkles. However, they can get smelly and infected if we don’t clean them regularly. French bulldog wrinkles are moist and dark places that daily collect dirt, food leftovers, bacteria, and all those nasty elements. That’s why it’s essential to know the steps of keeping these body parts clean […]

Everything You Need To About The French Bulldog’s Heat Cycle?

Everything You Need To About The French Bulldog’s Heat Cycle?

If you decided to live with a Frenchie female, then dealing with her heat cycle will be one of the things to expect. Spayed French bulldog females don’t go into heat, but if you’re planning to breed your four-legged princess, this is an inevitable part of her life. When does a Frenchie female get the first heat? […]

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