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French Bulldog Floppy Ears? And How Does That Affect Dogs’ Appearance?

French Bulldog Floppy Ears

Floppy ears are natural ear types where the shape of the ear is loose, soft, and hangs just beside the head. Therefore, it is not a dog breed-specific characteristic. French bulldog floppy ears can be irrelevant to special health or temperament problems related to their ear carriage. While most dominant breed standards are naturally upright […]

French Bulldog Personality And Temperament Traits: All You Need To Know

French Bulldog Personality

French Bulldogs, popularly known as ‘Frenchie,’ are great companions for humans due to their distinct personalities. So if you have decided to get one Frenchie home, you may need to know A-Z of their behavior and personality. These miniature versions of bulldogs have become a hit among all dog-lovers. They are a small but rounded […]

Overweight French Bulldog – Is Your Frenchie Too Fat?

Overweight French Bulldog

French bulldogs come in different sizes and shapes. They’re tall, skinny, chunky, and look fat sometimes. However, it’s important to know when your pudgy Frenchie is obese. An overweight French bulldog would be prone to other health issues.  The breed is adorable, and those puppy dog eyes can melt anyone’s heart. However, it might be […]

French Bulldog Price: How Much Does A Frenchie Cost?

French Bulldog Price

The French bulldog is one of the most adorable breeds of dogs to exist! It is known for its affectionate temperament and family-friendly disposition. Are you thinking of getting one home? Then, the first and foremost factor that you will have to consider is the French bulldog price. The French bulldog puppies price is premium, […]

The Trendiest French Bulldog Names Of All Times

French Bulldog Names

Looking for the most befitting French Bulldog names for your little furball? Well, naming one of the cutest and the most popular dog breeds of all time doesn’t come easy. Among hundreds of names, dodging the cliches yet keeping up with the trends can be rather tiring. Unless you have a particular idea in mind or a […]

French Bulldog Hip Dysplasia – Symptoms & Prevention

French Bulldog Hip Dysplasia

French Bulldog Hip Dysplasia is a skeletal disorder. This degenerative disorder occurs commonly in this breed. It is a condition where your bulldog may face problems when the ball-socket joints don’t fit.    Due to French Bulldogs Hip Dysplasia, there is abnormal movement in walking. Also, it is important to highlight that such a disorder […]

Everything You Need To Know About French Bulldog Pug Mix

french bulldog pug mix

The name Frug seems funny, right? But, wait till you see how funny and lively a personality you can get with the French Bulldog Pug mix or Frenchie Pug! As a designer breed, these small-sized dogs adopt an appearance that’s a combination of their Pug and French Bulldog parents’ features. However, their personality can lean towards […]

Boston Terrier Vs French Bulldog – What’s the Difference?

Boston Terrier Vs French Bulldog

Boston Terrier vs French bulldog has been a lifelong question for dog lovers. At the very first glance, it can be very difficult to spot the difference between a French bulldog and a Boston Terrier. They are both adorable canines with compassionate personalities.  Both these breeds know how to stand out and make a statement with […]

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