Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids?

Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids

If you have kids in your home, you have to consider many things – especially if you are considering getting yourself a pet. There are so many dog breeds out there, and no two breeds are the same. While one dog is good with kids, the other might hurt your child seriously. Therefore, it’s completely reasonable to ask, are French Bulldogs good with kids?

Fortunately, French Bulldogs were bred to be companions. Moreover, Frenchies are relatively smaller in size, making them an excellent family pet. In fact, getting yourself a French Bulldog as a pet might help you and your kid a lot.

Continue reading to learn all about a Frenchie’s temperament and whether or not this breed is kid-friendly!

French Bulldog’s Temperament

French Bulldogs were bred to be companions. In the 1800s, this breed was created to produce lapdogs for lacemakers in England. Therefore, they are pretty calm, adorable, loyal, and relaxed. Today, French Bulldogs are becoming more and more popular all around the globe.

In fact, Frenchies have become one of the most popular family dogs worldwide. Their temperament is especially more appealing to young children. At the same time, they are also perfect for seniors and adults due to their laid-back and easy-going nature.

French Bulldogs are considered family dogs because of several reasons. They are cute, adorable, loyal, small, playful, forceful, and calm. Furthermore, French Bulldogs are pretty intelligent and smart. They can adapt to any environment quickly and more effectively.

Compared to other dog breeds out there, French Bulldogs don’t bark a lot. They like to be quiet. So, you don’t have to worry about your child getting scared by this little furball. That being said, you still have to worry about some things; discussed below!

Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids – 4 Main Reasons

french bulldog good with kids


If you have kids, French Bulldogs are ideal for you. there are several reasons why this breed is good for kids, such as:

  • They are playful and passionate
  • They are well trained
  • They are well socialized as puppies

Most dog breeds are prone to aggression. However, you don’t have to worry about this problem with Frenchies. French Bulldogs are intelligent and can be socialized easily. Moreover, they are quite friendly, affectionate, and loyal when they are well raised.

Here are some of the main reasons why French Bulldog good with kids:


The main reason for their kid-friendly temperament is their genetics. As this breed was originally bred to companions, French Bulldogs are affectionate and loyal. According to their genes, the most crucial job of Frenchies is to be a companion and friend of their owner.

One can consider Frenchies a toy version of the bulldog breed. However, people started breeding bulldogs with friendlier temperaments and smaller sizes in past years. Therefore, while Frenchies have most bulldogs’ qualities, they also feature a touch of liveliness!

Energetic, Not Hyperactive

Compared to female French Bulldogs, male Frenchies are more forceful and playful. This breed contains moderately active dogs, but they are not hyperactive. Instead, they have enough liveliness and energy to match a child. This means a French Bulldog won’t be too rough on your kid while playing.

This quality makes French Bulldogs an ideal breed for children. While playing, both your kid and the dog will be at their cheeriest. As a result, your dog will help your kid stay fit. According to an estimate, a French Bulldog can do exercise for an hour per day.  

Quiet and Calm Breed

One of the main reasons why we recommend getting a Frenchie as a family dog is that they don’t bark a lot. Compared to other dog breeds out there, French Bulldogs are relatively quiet. In fact, according to many breeders out there, Frenchies are one of the quietest breeds all around the globe.

That being said, you Frenchie might start to bark for some reason. For instance, French Bulldogs are loyal. So, if someone invades your property, your dog will bark to alert you. You can easily train your Frenchie to stop or reduce excessive barking if you want.

Small Dog Breed

Most people prefer small dog breeds as family dogs because they are not very aggressive. However, the biggest problem with small breeds is that they might be too fragile for kids. During playtime, your energetic child might hurt your dog by accident.

However, Frenchies are exceptions. As they are basically toy-sized bulldogs, French Bulldogs are built durable and sturdy. Your Frenchie might be small in size, but he can withstand any environment. However, you still have to be careful and avoid rough handling.

Positives of Having Both Frenchies and Children

french bulldog with kids


Before you get yourself a new pet, you have to ask all sorts of questions – especially if you have any kids. As dogs are naturally aggressive, they can seriously hurt your toddler. Therefore you have to be extra careful.

But about Frenchies: are French Bulldogs good with kids. Fortunately, French Bulldogs are excellent family dogs. Due to their small size and lovely nature, they are great with kids. Instead of hurting your baby, Frenchies will make excellent playmates for them. They are incredibly playful and can accompany your kid in all sorts of activities.

To give you a better perspective, below, we have compiled a list of some positives of having Frenchie for your younger child:

Reduce Anxiety

Do your child lack confidence or suffer from anxiety? If so, getting a pet is an ideal choice for you. There are numerous cases in which dogs have been used for therapy. In fact, according to many professionals, Frenchies are fantastic therapy dogs to reduce anxiety and for emotional support.

French Bulldogs love to cuddle. So whenever you or your little baby is anxious, a cuddle from your little furball can help. This is because whenever you cuddle your dog, your body releases oxytocin – a hormone that reduces stress and anxiety.

Fitness and Exercise

French Bulldogs can also help your kid remain fit and healthy. Frenchies are, in fact, clowns in stocky and tiny bodies. However, they are loaded with energy and are incredibly playful. Even adult French dogs love to chase a ball and play with their owner.

Due to their playful nature, your little furball will keep your kid busy. It’s noteworthy to mention here that French Bulldogs are not hyperactive. They won’t try to play with your kid for more than an hour. This means you’ll also have plenty of time to spend with your baby.


If you only have one child, getting a Frenchie is undoubtedly the best decision you can make. Your French Bulldog will be your kid’s playmate. He will keep your little baby busy for hours, so you don’t have to worry about a bored kid.

Keep in mind that Frenchies don’t like to be left alone. In fact, if you leave them for a few hours, they can get stressed and suffer from separation anxiety. So, while Frenchies are beneficial for kids, a child’s company has the same effect on your little furball.

Several studies out there conclude that a pet can help prevent depression and loneliness in humans. Your toddler can also learn how to talk and walk while playing with your Frenchie. One of the best things about dogs is that they want to play all the time. So, your kid will get his best friend without leaving home!


French Bulldogs can also teach your child responsibility. If your kid grows up with a Frenchie in the house, he will automatically learn how to take care of another being, making him responsible and sensitive. For example, he will feed the puppy, give him water, bathe him, and play with him.

Your kid will grow up with specific tasks and chores that he needs to perform in order to take care of Frenchie. As a result, the kid will learn how to walk quickly and perform different tasks. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the Frenchie is ok
  • Giving the dog plenty of attention and love
  • Taking your French Bulldog out for a walk
  • Feeding your dog properly

This kind of responsibility will undoubtedly help you in the long run. While it enables you to manage your time properly, a kid taking care of your dog will also give you plenty of time to rest, which is undoubtedly precious for a new mom and dad.

Negatives of Having Both Frenchies and Children

french bulldogs and kids


Unfortunately, when you get yourself a new pet, you get both pros and cons. While having both kids and Frenchies is fun and exciting, it also has some negatives. Like all other dog breeds, you always have to supervise them around your toddlers.

French Bulldogs are small in size, but they still have sharp teeth that can hurt your kid while playing. Moreover, toddlers are usually loaded with energy. So, there is a chance that your kid might hurt your dog as well. Therefore, you have to provide 24/7 supervision.

Moreover, having both children and a French Bulldog puppy can be hard work. As an adult, it’s your responsibility to take care of both of them. You will perform each task twice, taking a lot of your time. Once your kid gets old, he will become responsible and take care of your dog. Until then, you have to live like a machine.

To give you a better perspective, below, we have mentioned some of the potential negatives of having both children and Frenchies in the same home:


French Bulldogs were bred to be companions. They are considered excellent family dogs because of their unmatchable loyalty. However, the problem is, sometimes, French Bulldogs can get a little too possessive. They get too attached to their family and owner, making them over-protective.

Everything is good to a limit. For example, if your dog becomes too possessive, he will stick by your kid’s side like a Velcro dog. While it is not necessary to be dangerous for your children, it could be for others. For instance, if your dog gets too attached to your kid, it might develop separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety can lead to several other health complications, including stress, depression, hair loss, weight loss, and many more. Moreover, Frenchies can also become territorial, making them excessive barkers.

Small Dog Syndrome

While their small size makes them an ideal family pet, it can also lead to the small dog syndrome – a set of unusual behaviors displayed by small dog breeds to reimburse their small size. Generally speaking, SDS can result in the following situations:

  • Unprovoked tendencies or aggression
  • Prolonged unfriendliness with people and other dogs
  • Snapping back while playing
  • Growling or barking at people and other dogs
  • Continuously jumping on other dogs and owners

 This kind of behavior is pretty common in small dogs. Through small dog syndrome, Frenchies try to act like big dogs to act tough. Unfortunately, this behavior can hurt both you and your kid. Moreover, excessive barking can make your kid afraid of the dogs, which is never good.

Average Lifespan

The death of your little furball is undoubtedly one of the most painful things you can experience in your life. However, due to their lovely nature and friendly temperament, you will get too attached to them even if you spend a few weeks with French Bulldogs.

Luckily, Frenchies have an excellent lifespan compared to other dog breeds. On average, the lifespan of a French Bulldog can fall anywhere between 10-15 years. While it looks impressive, it is not enough. Saying goodbye to your pet is never easy!

Now imagine your kid spent 14 years of childhood with a Frenchie. Both of them have become best friends. They play together and even bathe together. Of course, this makes it a hundred times more difficult to say goodbye.

However, as death is inevitable, your kid will eventually have to go through this pain. Thus, you have to consider the average lifespan of your dog before you introduce this little furball to your baby!


French Bulldogs are extremely sensitive, and so do the young kids. Therefore, you must be extra cautious if you have both Frenchies and children in your home. Protect your dog from dust, smoke, pollen, and other allergens. This can make them seriously ill and cause several issues.

Moreover, you also have to consider the allergies of your child. Compared to other dog breeds, French Bulldogs do not shed a lot. They usually lose their hair in summer and winter. In summer, they shed their thick coat to survive the hot waves. Alternatively, they shed their old hair in winter to grow a thick coat.

If your toddler suffers from asthma-like illnesses or allergies, a shedding dog is certainly not an ideal playmate for them. In that case, it is recommended to keep them away from a shedding dog to avoid further issues.  


One of the most important things that you have to consider while getting a pet is your budget. The last thing you want is to get a dog that will leave you broke. However, French Bulldogs are not that expensive; they can still cost you a lot in the long run.

Moreover, you might already know how expensive is it to raise a child. You have to worry about a lot of things for your kid and dog. You can buy them clothes, healthy food, and several other accessories. In addition, you also have to worry about health problems.

Both Frenchies and children are prone to allergies and other health complications. If your child or dog gets ill or injured, it might cost you a fortune. Furthermore, if you have decided to get a French Bulldog, you also have to worry about other expenses, such as buying grooming products, dog food, and paying vet bills.

While going on a vacation, you also need a doggy sitter. Unless you have a good neighbor, a doggy sitter can cost you a lot of bucks. Ask yourself, can you take care of these expenses besides family expenses and childcare?

The answer to this question will determine whether or not a French bulldog is good for families:

Training Your Frenchie with Kids

french bulldog good for families


Luckily, most of the above-mentioned negatives can be overcome with a little hard work. If you have the budget to take care of your dog as well as the kid, getting a Frenchie is a rational decision. A French Bulldog will bring happiness to your life and keep your kid as well.

Besides your budget and the average lifespan of French Bulldogs, all the other negatives can be avoided. You can keep your dog away from allergens to prevent allergic reactions. Moreover, if you offer a healthy diet and regular exercise, it can even increase the lifespan of your pet.

When it comes to a dog’s behavior, you can train your Frenchie. Fortunately, French Bulldogs are quite intelligent and smart. So, with a little patience, you can train your Frenchie to be good with kids. However, before that, you have to prepare your kid for the dog!

Here are some things you should teach your kid before getting a Frenchie:

  • Give the dog space when he/she is eating
  • Instead of running, slowly approach your dog
  • No banging or yelling
  • Don’t try to ride your dog’s back. It can seriously hurt your Frenchie
  • Be gentle while playing
  • Ask for an adult’s permission before you play with Frenchie

Once you teach your kid all these things, train your dog for obedience and socialization. These pieces of training are a must for a pleasant and safe experience in the home.


The obedience training is a must for French Bulldogs. However, as Frenchies are quite stubborn, this training might require more consistency and patience. During this training, you have to teach at least 5 basic commands, including sit, leave, down, stay, and heel.

In your Frenchie is not too stubborn, he will learn these commands without any issues. In addition, these commands will help you control your dog effectively. For instance, if your dog is jumping aggressively on your child, you can tell him to leave it or sit.

Obedience training will help your dog behave properly. It will also build trust between the dog and the owner. However, keep in mind that Frenchies can be quite stubborn. In any case, don’t be too harsh on your dog!


Due to their small size, French Bulldogs can become slightly aggressive toward children and other dogs. In that case, you can train your dog to socialize. To socialize your dog, you must introduce your Frenchie to as many kids as possible.

The primary purpose of this practice is to ensure your dog that all babies are good, and not only the family children. The more a Frenchie spends time with other people, the more stable he/she will be in adulthood. It will also influence your dog’s temperament, making him more lovely and caring.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids – Final Words

If you have a kid in your home and want a new pet, you must do your homework. Today, Frenchies have become one of the most popular family dog breeds out there. They are cute, adorable, and incredibly loyal.

Before you get yourself a Frenchie, you have to ask, are French Bulldogs good with kids? Luckily, the answer to this question is YES. Frenchies were bred to be companions and lapdogs. Therefore, they have quite a charming personality.

They have enough energy to play with your kid without hurting them. Due to its small size and kid-friendly temperament, the French Bulldog will become your kid’s best friend in no time. However, there are some issues you have to consider.

Frenchies can be over-protective when it comes to their owners. Moreover, they can suffer from small dog syndrome, making them aggressive towards others. In that scenario, you need to train your dog to socialize and be obedient.

Overall, French Bulldogs and kids are a perfect match. They don’t bark a lot and are quite playful!


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